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Sensor based tracking of

human movements with our SDK - the evomo motionAI

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We make strength training trackable.

Evomo MotionAI SDK

With the Evomo SDK integrated in your product you are able to

  • classify

  • count

  • evaluate

movements that are executed by the users of your app.

Convince yourself and download our demo app.

  • Challenge mode

  • 2 sensors connected to 1 device

  • different amount of points per rep

  • Smartphone as sensor

  • Freestyle recognition

  • lowest entry barrier for the users

Evomo MotionAI SDK

your App

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amazing features

Powerd by Deep Learning


Evaluate body movements
with mobile devices.

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Smartphone as a sensor
Simply use the sensor data of integrated smartphone sensors. You just have to fix your smartphone in a bag close to your body (running belt or arm pouch). Our SDK uses the acceleration and gyroskope sensor data and tracks your movements.
Most of the existing wearables like smart watches, activity trackers and heart rate belts fulfil the technical requirements for the implementation of Evomo MotionAI SDK. They can also be combined with other sensors for a better accuracy in different usecases.
External sensors
Our SDK can be integrated in external sensors. No matter on which position you wear it (wrist, neck, foot...), we get the maximum out of the data in your wearables. With our partners we can develop an individual custom branded wearable for you.

Unique Technology

Giant data base
  • Own data acquisition structures

  • more than 500,000 movements as database

  • High quality data due to 5 control mechanisms

Artificial intelligence
  • self developed deep learning algorithms​

  • highest accuracy of 95%

  • with each single use the algorithm becomes smarter

SDK solution
  • ready to install SDK

  • modular extendable features (heart rate/amplitude/calibration...)

  • continuous optimization process incl. updates

Be part of a new movement app culture

The Evomo MotionAI is the first reliable technology to detect human movements without using a camera.  Join our developer community and create apps that get people moving.
Minimize your risk, start now and integrate the Beta SDK in your project.
If you have special technology requirements or need a custom SDK please contact us.
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The Smart Systems Hub is part of a Germany-wide initative by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy


Kaasa is a digital innovator with a long history in digital projects and products.


Movesense (by Suunto) is an inno-vation platform with an own sensor

and development environment


Governmental AI-platform project developing a digital infrastructure for intelligent sports and fitness data. 



increased compliance for reha and prevention programs

upgrade bonus programs with rewarded exercises


automatic documentation

gamification of movements

fitness checks

guidance for training

validated challenges


Course system with tracked repetitions on monitor

monitoring progress between different participations of classes


tracking of bodyweight challenges

level up doing hundreds of repetitions

automatically adapting difficulty

freestyle recording of your workout

athletic running with
powered by evomo
Mobile Games
Mobile Games

Classified movement as an input tool

The user has to move in order to play

Playful calorie burning, due to real movement

Hyper Casual Game usable



Jakob Wowy

Machine Learning / iOS

Richard Schütze

Data Science

Hermann Schreiter


Etienne Petermann



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